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Old classic phone systems nowadays are history, the constantly evolving world of technology and the increased needs for a more robust and agile business communications paved the road for a new full-fledged IP telephony that is features rich, mobile, and inexpensive. With all the features that IP telephony provides, businesses are poised to improve customers call wait time, number of answered phone calls, and employees/departments efficiency, which translates to an overall better business bottom line, substantial expense cut, customers’ satisfaction, and increased sales.  Below are some of the IP telephony or VoIP Solutions features; 

- Customer managed portal. 
- Extension to extension calling regardless of physical location. 
- Voice mail to email. 
- Find me, follow me, call recording, and call monitoring. 
- Ring group calling. 
- Cell phone apps, videophone, and softphone. 
- Video and voice conferencing. 
- HD sound quality. 

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