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Outsource Your CIO

A cost effective way for your business to have its own full-time CIO With technology playing such a large role in modern businesses, having a Chief Information Officer is important, but not always feasible for smaller businesses. Vee Galaxy offers the affordable solution to your CIO needs. Whether you need guidance on an upcoming project, or someone to oversee your technology, we let you outsource your CIO needs. We offer CIOs and virtual CIOs.Our vCIOs are the most cost effective route, as they are shared with other companies, but still offer you the knowledge, and skills you need to best run the technological side of the business. Your business will experience savings while having a more efficient network.

Our vCIOs typically offer


Business Continuity 


IT Guidance, Planning and Budgeting  


System Monitoring and 


Technology Scale 

With best IT service in our coverage area, you can rely on us. Call us now so we can take care of all of your CIO needs.