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Historically, cloud-based servers were the privilege of only the largest organizations. Now, Office 365 offers small  and medium business concerns access to the benefits of cloud-based email and document sharing too. With Office  365, you can now optimize important aspects of your business, like security and marketing, saving you time and money. If you want to tap into the advantages of Office 365’s cloud to boost your businesses’ efficiency and success,  Vee Galaxy can help you make the transition with as little interruption and frustration as possible.

As a certified Office 365 migration partner, Vee Galaxy affords clients the following services:
  • Unique assessment of your business needs, and compilation of your tailor-made Office 365 plan.
  • Creation of a custom Office 365 migration plan.
  • Creation and integration of custom domain(s) for Office 365 platform.
  • Migration of all existing employee email accounts to Office 365.
  • *Optional: Facilitation of custom online SharePoint and document migration.
What makes Vee Galaxy your ideal Microsoft Office 365 migration partner? The Vee Galaxy team:
  • Boasts thousands of hours of experience in dedicated migration.
  • Facilitates comprehensive data migration, inclusive of emails, contacts, tasks and even calendars.
  • Offers unrivalled expertise when it comes to Office 365 Small Business and Enterprise Plans.
  • Have the training and experience to offer you an in-depth needs analysis and an innovative migration strategy.
  • Is committed to making your infrastructure as user-friendly as possible, especially when it comes to establishing a solid email architecture.
  • Considers protection of your data a top priority; reduces the risk of external attacks on email, and protects against corporate data loss.
  • Has proven partnerships with industry giants like Amazon Web Services, HP, Dell and Cisco
  • Is always at your service – your business doesn’t sleep and nor should your IT system.
Comprehensive Support 24/7 
We understand that every business has different needs and priorities.
We care about what matters most to you and offer the professionalism and flexibility you need to achieve your objectives and deadlines.
Whether you need supplementary IT support, or for our team to facilitate your entire implementation or migration, we are at your service 24/7.
 We don’t make you choose between data integrity and ease of use – the Vee Galaxy team is available to create a strategy that helps you get the most out of all that Office 365 has to offer.
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