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Don’t take a chance on security, let the professionals at Vee Galaxy take care of it. With so much business happening virtually and online, keeping your business safe from threats like malware and hackers is more important now than it ever was before. We offer our clients the expertise to look at your network with a fine toothcomb, identifying any weak spots including loopholes in security, flaws that may leave your data at risk, and any other red flags that often go undetected. We offer comprehensive network services and data analysis to keep your business strong and secure. No matter what your tech needs are, we have a service to help you accomplish all of your goals when it comes to running a successful and secure business. Technology doesn’t have to be intimidating when you have Vee Galaxy on your side. 
The Services We Offer:

  • Diagnostics: If you are having trouble with your network, or have any areas of concern, let us diagnose your problem and remedy the issue.
  • Firewalls: Each business has its own custom network security needs, so let us come up with a plan and install the best firewall to keep your data safe from attacks and breaches.
  • Security Audits: Let us offer a full review of both your internal and external network to make sure your network and data are iron clad.
  • Server Log Review: Businesses have enough to worry about without reviewing server logs for any problems or conflicts that may develop into larger issues that may even grow into downtime.
  • Strengthening Security: With the constant advancement of technology, we help to identify loopholes, spyware or viruses that may be hidden in your network to keep your information confidential and secure.
  • VPN: We can implement and configure VPN for all your offices, remote or main, for both IPSEC and SSL tunnels.
  • Your Security Resource: We’re happy to offer our clients the professional answer to any question you may have about new projects, upgrades and new equipment, remote access and any other areas you’d like to increase your knowledge.
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