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In the prevailing climate of constant technological advancement, regular IT network assessments are often neglected. This makes your business vulnerable to security breaches, and under-performance. Industry best practices are constantly being updated for optimal performance and security and it is important that your business network and systems are compliant. We perform network vulnerability assessments to help you avoid potentially fatal weaknesses in your system. 
A comprehensive Vee Galaxy network vulnerability assessment will detail the following:

  • Present condition and status of your network including domain controllers, web servers, mail and time servers, and active directory servers and devices.
  • Tests performed on your network, including password analysis and status of security updates, and the implications of the results on your client risk score.
  • Recommended improvements, formulated on a priority-based strategy.
Do you know what risks your business infrastructure is vulnerable to? Contact Vee Galaxy today for a network assessment and custom strategy to improve the performance and security of your company. Or call us.