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Do you have office relocation or a new Business Data Network setup written into your calendar? You’re probably dreading it. While expanding your business is most people’s dream, the prospect of setting up a new business data network or relocating an entire office is largely considered a nightmare. At Vee Galaxy, we understand why, and our highly trained team of experts is committed to taking the pain out of these critical events, with minimum of down-time.If your business requires either of these services , the competent Vee Galaxy team is at hand to make the process as seamless as possible. Irrespective of the size of your business, we offer professional advice and custom service that will have you back in business on time and without breaking your budget. Our team is highly-experienced in providing reliable infrastructure for your business to run on, because we understand that you have more pressing matters on your plate. Many intricacies are critical to planning a successful office relocation or new business data network – the Vee Galaxy team has got you covered in the following areas:

  • Reconfiguring your network equipment and your firewall.
  • Ensuring that your telephone systems and extensions are properly installed and connected.
  • Coordinating with your Internet Service Provider.
  • Coordinating with your Phone Service Provider.
  • Reconfiguring all external IP addresses.
  • Making provision for access by remote users.
  • Full assessment and supply of all wiring requirements.
  • Ensuring that all data is backed up and secure before the relocation.
  • Seamless reconnection of all users and services post-relocation.
  • Anticipation of and planning for potential unforeseen complications.
Ensure that the next successful chapter in the history of your business is not defined by unnecessary and costly IT complications. Vee Galaxy has the experience and expertise to simplify your office relocation or setting up your business data network. Contact Vee Galaxy for a comprehensive quote and plan to take the pain out of your relocation or data network set-up. Or call Now.