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The advent of Cloud Hosting has brought companies a broad spectrum of new network solutions and IT savings. However, in the absence of an informed choice, impulsive Cloud Migration can leave your business open to many risks. To the average person, sourcing the ideal custom cloud server can seem daunting. With our expertise and experience to help you make the right choice, you can rest easy.  We offer a wide variety of server hosting solutions at our secure facility, and our team of experts can assist you to find and integrate the best fit for your company. In addition, you can rest assured, knowing that our high-performance servers are managed by expert support teams 24/7. 
Our  managed cloud hosting solutions include:

  • VMware Cloud Services– The Vee Galaxy team is highly trained to help you optimize and leverage your VMware cloud service for your business. 
  • The resulting IT efficiency will be bring you unrivalled flexibility and stability.
  • Physical to Virtual Conversions– Our expertise will turn the potential nightmare of a transition from a physical server to the virtual environment, into a dream come true.
  • Microsoft Exchange–Easily navigate the increased performance Microsoft Exchange can give your business with the assistance of our highly-skilled support team.
  • Dedicated Servers– Choose the best possible hosting solution for your business from the wide variety of Vee Galaxy Managed Hosting options available.
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