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Keep your business constantly running, because you have no time for downtimeWith such a heavy reliance on technology, a lapse in your IT can result in serious downtime, putting a halt to your efficient business practices. We recognize the importance of the foresight provided by a solid business continuity plan customized to your business. Providing you with the best service at the best price is important, and being able to afford a complex setup may be difficult for smaller businesses. We provide you with the best option for your business, which could be a solution as simple as cloud storage or disk mirroring to keep all company documents secure. 

Our Approach to Business Continuity Planning: Disaster Recovery Plan and a Business Resumption Plan 
Creating these documents is important in worst case scenario situation. These documents cover:

  • The Technological Identity of your Company: We detail your company systems including locations, equipment, personnel and documents, while identifying any weak areas, potential issues and problems.
  • Recommended Plan: After identifying potential issues, we can determine the best way to mitigate them and unexpected events. By defining the potential issues to your infrastructure, your company is best prepared for anything that may arise.
  • Implementation: As a conclusion, we create a recommended route for processes and systems to help safeguard your business. 
  • Solutions vary from a UPS and cloud storage, while others include on-site server failovers and tools for local encryption
After we implement your security services, we will test the system regularly to ensure all of your security systems are functional and that all of your services operate correctly. 
As your company grows, we will help to develop a comprehensive custom, resiliency plan to make sure that you remain protected.  
Vee Galaxy strongly believes there is no such thing as too much security and preparation. 
 If you’d like a security assessment in the Greater Philadelphia area, give us a call Us for more information.