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Virtualization gives you the ability to save costs, save space and yet have access to more computing resources than would be the case if you relied solely on physical hardware. This improves your productivity and efficiency in multiple folds and minimizes your operating costs through automation. The end result is that your critical personnel are freed up to tackle other business requirements. VMWare is the preeminent player in server virtualization and Vee Galaxy is well-acquainted with it. We have extensive experience in creating the right VMWare solution for various businesses . Our approach is dictated by your requirements, ensuring we provide a solution that meets your present needs but can also be scaled to continue meeting your needs in the future. We professionally monitor your server so that your CPU, Network, Memory and Disk space requirement can be met as needed.

Vee Galaxy’s VMware Consulting and Support Services

Virtual Infrastructure  Design

Transfer your physical services to the virtual environment.

Esx and vCenter Server Migration

Fixing/Breaking  Troubleshooting 

of the VMware Infrastructure Issues.

Local Datacenter

Management and maintenance for your personal Vsphere Infrastructure including template creation, deployment, and optimization. 

Hybrid and Hosted VMware solution

This includes the VMware vCloud Air Hybrid Cloud Solution.